Magic Sand – several ways to accompany children to grow

Jan 03,2023

Children’s world is always full of strange colors. In the past few decades, the childhood of most Chinese children has been filled with fun games such as “Hopscotch”, “throw the hankie”, “rope flipping” and “spinning top”. And foreign children’s childhood is “Lego building blocks”, “role play”, “rainbow circle” and other games.

It is worth mentioning that among the many interesting games, playing sand is something that almost all children in the world like to do. A child’s obsession with playing in the sand is accompanied by most parents’ woes — remote beaches, soiled clothes, unsafe sand. And with the advent of Magic Sand, all problems are solved.

What is Magic Sand?

Magic sand, also known as Power Sand. Different brands of magic sand have different ingredients. The ingredients of Ibiza magic sand are round and smooth glass beads + beeswax + organic silicone. There are three main factors to evaluate the quality of Magic Sand:

  • liquidity. The magic sand with strong fluidity is not easy to stick to hands, and it will be more convenient to put away, but it needs to be noted that it should have a certain viscosity.
  • plasticity. Strong plasticity of magic sand can create a variety of shapes, but not easy to loose collapse, crack less or no cracks, stable and reliable.
  • safe and non-toxic. The toy sand that children often come into contact with must naturally choose sand with safe ingredients, no peculiar smell, non-toxic, harmless and harmless to hands.

Good magic sand will make children’s childhood happier and more interesting, and Ibiza magic sand has done it. Ibiza is the manufacturer of most high-quality magic sand brands on the market, and has a number of patent certifications. Magic sand from Ibiza has received rave reviews.

How can we play Magic Sand?

Since it is the enlightenment sand that can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, there will naturally be a variety of ways to play. With relevant molds and imaginative wings, we can unlock a variety of interesting ways to play. Here are some common ways to play for kids.

  • Pretend Play

Magic sand is an excellent prop for playing pretend games, and it can be used with a variety of molds to create different shapes. After building various rooms and putting a few dolls, kids can start pretending to be an adult and simulate the life of various adult characters. Use magic sand to play pretend games, enhance the relationship between children, and let them feel the life of adults when they are still full of childlike innocence.

  • Kitchen Game

Various meal and dessert molds are also telling us that magic sand is very suitable for playing kitchen games. Use magic sand to knead various ingredients, and then cooperate with kitchen toys to easily show the demeanor of a chef. Kids can also put colorful magic sand in a cup and scoop it out with a spoon, just like running an ice cream shop. Kitchen games can develop children’s interest in cooking at an early age.

  • Treasure digging game

For babies who like to explore and solve puzzles, this kind of gameplay is undoubtedly the greatest fun. Parents can bury some “treasures” in the magic sand and let the children dig them out with a shovel. Some people on the Internet also recommend that some assembly parts be buried in the magic sand, and the children dig out the parts one by one, and then assemble all the parts to form a complete model. Such an idea is also very interesting!

  • Architect game

Magic sand can also be used to build various buildings like Lego blocks. Use molds or use their own imagination to change magic sand into various shapes, such as roofs, foundations, bricks, etc. Then combine all the magic sand blocks together, and then can easily create various buildings that belong to children. This kind of play is very suitable for cultivating children’s interest in architecture!

There are many ways to play Magic Sand, and there must be more interesting ways to play besides the ones described above. A few packs of magic sand let children expand their imaginative wings and have happy and interesting memories.

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