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Explore creativity with our certified non-toxic Magic Sand, a perfect sensory sand for all ages! It offers a safe, mesmerizing sensory experience ideal for play, learning, and art. Enjoy a clean, stress-free environment while you sculpt and create with this sensory sand.

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With 30 years of specialization in the R&D and manufacturing of glass beads, IBIZA delivers comprehensive and innovative sand solutions. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and quality service has made us a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

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Meets stringent American and European safety standards.

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We produce our unique formula in-house, ensuring quality and consistency.

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Safety and Innovation

Our Magic Sand, developed by our dedicated R&D team, meets American and European standards, ensuring it is completely safe and non-toxic for users of all ages. This sensory sand provides a uniquely satisfying tactile experience.

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Our Magic Sand is crafted from glass beads, utilizing environmentally friendly materials developed through precise scientific formulations. It's the perfect sensory sand that offers both fun and safety.

Patented and Certified

Rigorously tested and certified, our Magic Sand complies with China 3C, SGS, ASTM, and other international safety standards, ensuring top-quality and safety.

Our Sands in Bulk

Explore our vibrant selection of Magic Sand, available in bulk for your creative or commercial needs. Each color offers a unique blend of texture and flexibility, perfect for crafting, education, or therapeutic purposes. This high-quality sensory sand is designed to meet the needs of various users.

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Your Partner for Sand OEM & ODM Solutions

With over 20 product upgrades, we've set a benchmark in sand manufacturing, outperforming our competitors. We proudly supply to 40% of sand manufacturers in China, underscoring our dominant market presence.

OEM & ODM Excellence

We offer customized services tailored to your specifications, ensuring quality from the smallest components.

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Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our continuous product enhancements & technology.

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