Magic sand – a toy but not just a toy

Dec 28, 2022

Appropriate games can cultivate children’s thinking, which is scientifically based. Maybe you don’t want your children to be in front of the “baby bus” on the electronic screen all day long. But taking children out for camping, amusement parks, and participating in various experiential activities not only consumes a lot of money, but also takes a lot of time and energy. As a result, everyone turned their attention to the toy market one after another, and Magic Sand also stood out from the crowd.

What is magic sand?

Magic sand, also known as space sand. The name comes from the fact that its properties are not like ordinary sand on earth but rather magical. Magic sand usually has the following characteristics:

  • Strong liquidity. Macroscopically, magic sand is a bit like clay, but in fact it is much more fluid than clay. It can be molded more easily than clay and does not need to be squeezed by hand to level it. It’s fine to the touch, not as heavy as clay.
  • Strong plasticity. Although the magic sand feels delicate and soft, it does not mean that it is soft and then not easy to shape. On the contrary, it has strong plasticity. As long as there is a corresponding mold, you can easily create any shape you want it to be.
  • Does not hurt hands. Although magic sand has many uses, most of the magic sand on the market is mainly for children’s toys. Therefore, most of the magic sand will use raw materials that do not hurt hands, so that babies can grow up healthily while playing.
Magic Sand using Ocean Mold

What can magic sand do?

Magic sand, sand with “magic power”, naturally has a variety of uses.

  • Children’s childhood toys

When it comes to the use of magic sand, I believe many people will think of it as a toy suitable for children. And the fact is the same, the market main body of Magic Sand is toys developed for children’s educational development. And magic sand can not only create any shape freely, but also create more three-dimensional sand sculptures with the help of molds, so as to exercise children’s thinking and innovation ability. At the same time, there is no age limit, and young children are also suitable for playing, which is a good helper for enlightenment.

  • Accompaniment and teaching assistance

Magic sand can also be used as an auxiliary tool in children’s teaching classes, and the teaching is led by the teacher to cultivate children’s hands-on ability. In addition, magic sand can also enhance the relationship between parents and children. When children are young, the company of their parents is very important, which cannot be replaced by any toy. By kneading magic sand with children, the relationship with children will be drawn closer invisibly.

  • Release your stress

Strong fluidity and strong plasticity, so magic sand is also recommended by many psychologists as a good thing to release stress. For contemporary society, all kinds of pressures come with the growth of age. Releasing stress in time can make your life easier. And the characteristics of magic sand are very suitable for decompression. When the pressure is high, hit a ball of magic sand with your fist, and let the magic sand digest your pressure quietly.

  • Other purposes

Magic sand is also useful in crafting. I don’t know if you have seen some beautiful but inedible templates placed on the windows of dessert shops or cake shops. Yes, there are also many templates for cake shops made through magic sand. Good magic sand is not easy to deteriorate and is very suitable for making craft templates.

How to choose magic sand?

Although magic sand has many uses due to its unique characteristics, it does not mean that all magic sand on the market has these advantages. After all, sometimes Li Kui and Li Gui are not easy to distinguish. So, how should we choose magic sand? When it comes to Magic Sand, naturally the brand of Ibiza cannot be forgotten. Choose magic sand according to their standards. Ibiza is a magic sand brand manufacturer that has specialized in glass beads for 30 years. Many manufacturers of magic sand in the market come from Ibiza. Their magic sand has the following advantages:

  • Natural and environmentally friendly materials are used.
  • Does not add any coloring.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Stronger plasticity.
  • Fresh and odorless.
  • more durable.
  • 3C certification.

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