What is Magic Sand

Magic sand is a toy sand that will not dry out.It's also a good educational toy for parent-children.During the sculputre sand process,it will improve their potential art work ability and creativity.

  • Health & Safety

    Good fluidity, softness and non-toxicity.
  • Holds Shape

    Durable viscosity and strong plasticity.
  • More Delicate

    A variety of colors and a variety of packaging options.
  • Exclusive Technology

    The professional R&D team uses natural sand to develop.
  • Quality Assurance

    More than 20 times product upgrades.
  • No Smell

    High temperature filter sterilization, every grain is safe.

What Magic Sand Can Do

Delicate Touch

After purification and repeated polishing, it has a delicate and soft touch.

Holds Shape

600 degrees Celsius high heat press processing, arbitrary kneading, complete and not easy to deform.

Our Magic Sand

Other Sands

Not Sticky To Hand

Compared to other products, our magic sand does not stick to your hands.

Smooth & Round
Using Exclusive Glass Beads

After strict screening, it is healthy and safe.

  • Health & Safety

    Housing, Internal Parts, Instructions, etc.
  • High Quality Sand

    Has the fluidity of natural sand.

More Than
Product Upgrades

Continuous self-upgrade and continuous optimization of production process, magic sand products self-upgrade and upgrade more than 20 times.

Have Professional Certifications

More protection, more assured to use.

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What Customer Say

Hear what customers from around the world have to say about using our magic sand.

  • Outstanding Provider

    I have well received the 3d print clay. The size and colors are perfect. I can place my first order. Thank you for all of your help! You have been an outstanding provider!


    Account Executive
  • Best Quality

    Blue and purple, but I also remember the natural sand color as well. Maybe send all this colors. All I remember is that your sand was very soft and fell through my sands so easily. It was best quality.


    Project Manager
  • Superb Quality

    Got the product already! Superb quality! Talk tomorrow, I ready to purchase!


  • Best Service

    We have all the necessary information waiting for client to decide on order. Your customer service is the best that I have encountered in 30 years of importing your offer GREAT service.


    Marketing Coordinator

Seven Colors, Infinite Style

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Cake Mold

The mold is fun, easy to store, and the sand table is the right size.

Dinosaur Mold

Castle Mold

Cake Mold

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